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Shine a light on your products.

Real-Time, Hyper-Local Product Pricing and Promotion Data

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Wish you could see the price of any product, at
any retailer, by state, metro or store?

What if you could see current promotions
and when prices change?

How about tracking assortments and which products are being sold where, yours or your competitors’?

Now you can,
with SpotliteBETA

Free for 30 days

We turn billions of product records
a day into focused product insights for you

Know Where and When Products Are Available
Discover which stores carry a product, and which don't.

Share and take action
Share what you discover with your team and your retailers.

Get proactive price alerts
Don’t wait to learn about important changes, get alerts in real time.

Maximize your trade spend
See local prices and promotions to see where your spend will be most effective.
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Try it for free before
choosing your plan

Spotlite is free for you to try for 30 days with no restrictions. After your trial period you can choose a plan based on the features you need, or upgrade to Datasembly.

Improve pricing
and make decisions

with real data in real-time, risk free.

In three clicks you can have easy-to-consume actionable pricing data on your screen, for almost any product in any retailer anywhere in the country, with incredible detail down to the individual store.

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